G20 Youth Indonesia

Greetings from Russia!

Today the Y20 Summit officially started and our delegates are having fruitful debates in various issues in relation to Sustainable Development and International Financial Architecture Reform. You can download Indonesia's brief position paper by clicking the pdf icon below or send us an email (contact@g20youthindonesia.org) if you're interested in reading our extended one.

Download Indonesian delegation's brief position paper by clicking on the icon above!

P.S. follow our live updates from St.

This week marks the commencement of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, which means, the Y8 Summit in London is just a week away!

Over the last two months, the Indonesian delegation for the Y8 Summit, along with other delegates from different parts of the world has been intensively corresponding online with one another, from developing the theme and topics, pre-negotiations up to structuring position papers.

Y20 and Y8 Delegation Meets Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to the G20

by Andhyta Firselly Utami

Just a few hours before flying to Moscow for the Y20 Summit, Andhyta Firselly Utami and Dito Krista were welcomed with pleasure by Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to G20, along with the Y8 delegation (represented by Dirgayuza Setiawan and Desi Hanara), as well as Marsha Sugana and I Ketut Adiputra as the alumni members.

It's just a week away before the Y20 Summit will commence in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Throughout the past month, Indonesian delegation has been contributing to the online pre-negotiation forum and discuss a lot of exciting ideas with 19 other delegations form around the world. By today, as many as 8 urgent subtopics have been decided to be put on the table, each of which requires thorough review in order to produce a solution to be recommended in the September summit.

By Ariana Alisjahbana

What comes to mind when one thinks of Siberia? Perhaps the legendary winter, the mountains, the barren landscape and the recent meteor in the region. Being an Indonesian in the US, I had very little expectations of the area and the country as a whole before embarking on the weeklong journey on behalf of G20 Youth Indonesia and the IDEA network last weekend.

I was in for a shock: Instead of the cold, dry and depressing country I found exactly the opposite.

On Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, the Russian Sherpa to the G20 (Ms. Ksenia Yudaeva) sent a memo to all G20 sherpas regarding the official youth event to the G20 Summit. A copy of the letter is provided below. 

Dear colleagues,

As highlighted in Russian G20 Presidency's Outreach Strategy, 2013 will be an opportunity for the Russian Presidency to showcase the innovation and energy of young people.

G20 Youth Indonesia is pleased to see strong enthusiasm shown by many Indonesian youth across the globe and we have been very proud to have worked with all candidates representing the best and the brightest of Indonesia's young leaders.

This year's application process has been the toughest we have ever seen spanning three months and three different stages. For 2013 selection process, we are proud to see a record  4.7% acceptance rate, showing real enthusiasm for our programs.

by Disty Winata

On January 4th, the G20 Youth Indonesia team had the privilege to meet with Mr. Mahendra Siregar, the Indonesian Vice Minister for Finance and Indonesian Sherpa for the G20. At the meeting, our team presented Indonesian youth participation at the G20 Youth Summit from 2010 to 2012, the interests, potentials and current engagement of young people in G20 affairs as well as how we recruit our delegations for these events. Mr.

by Ariana Alisjahbana

What does a health science student in Canada, a young banker in Jakarta, an undergraduate student in Bandung and an engineer in London have in common? All four of them are glued to their laptops, opening Skype and participating in the interview round to represent Indonesia at the upcoming Y20 summit in St Petersburg, Russia.

G20 Youth Indonesia will be interviewing a total of 19 outstanding Indonesian young leaders from around the globe.

Happy New Year! 

G20 Youth Indonesia sincerely wishes all of you a great start in 2013. We have been busy the past month with significant and exciting changes to the way we work, to be announced gradually in this website.

We would like to announce exciting new development from our global network, The International Diplomatic Engagement Association ("The IDEA"), formally the G8 & G20 Youth Network.